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    Hi there,

    got this question while reading the new Korea book. This question is about the Chinese Grenadier Squads which are armed with grenades, which seems to have the same range as pistols. How much damage would those grenades do? How should I play those? I ask this because I don’t find any rules regarding hand grenades.
    Hope you can help me with this one because I’m interested to play an Chinese Army

    With best regards

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    Tom Mecredy
    Warlord HQ

    “Grenades: same characteristics as pistols as listed on page 62 of the Bolt Action rulebook.”

    It’s the exact same profile as a pistol – 6″ range, 1 shot, Assault special rule.

    Don Jardine

    Also remember that pistols have the special rule “Assault” pp62 y 66. So no penalty “to hit” when moving and shooting as well as giving the special rule “Tough” pp91 allowing you to make a second damage roll for a model so armed who scores a casualty at close quarters. So do you move 6” and shoot 6” or run 12” and assault?

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