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    Hi everyone, I made the following modifications to the army list in the Hail Caesar army list book 1 to reflect the Zama campaign. The aim is to have an army as historically accurate as possible within the framework of the game.

    Celtiberians (0-1) – Survivors of the 203BC defeats

    Scutarii (0-2)

    Iberian Cavalry cannot outnumber Liby-Phoenician Cavalry

    Italian Allied medium infantry can be used to represent carthaginian poorly-armed citizens and carthaginian/numidian survivors of the defeats of 203BC. I would consider giving them the levy rule. Also considering making them 1+ – Hannibal did indeed have to ‘scrape the bottom of the barrel’ in recruitment.

    Elephants (20%) – this is the only ‘bonus’ given to the armylist to reflect the amount of elephants Hannibal had at his disposal – though they may have been hastily trained.

    Feedback is welcome!

    invisible officer

    These are good modifications.

    Carthago had large numbers of elephants, the stables in the town wall are claimed by Appian to be big enough for 300. And the town was still rich. They could get new in the same rate they lost the few sent to Europe.

    The losses before Zama should not be so high that the available 80 at Zama must be hastily trained.
    So many things we do not know for sure…….. Turret or no turret für examole. Punic pics without Show no battle scenes. And we have pics of the smaller Loxodonta Africana cycloris with turrets.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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