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    OK Ladies and Gents
    There will be a Blood Red Skies Tournament at the Vapnartak show in Your next year (Sunday Feb 2nd)
    Entry fee will be £8 payable in advance. This gets you access to the show as well as the tournament. There are 12 spaces this year, first come, first served so get your name down and your £££ in. Payments by Paypal to clearly marked Vappa BRS to reserve your spot.
    Format will be 3 games, random draw on first round followed by semi swiss match up – I will try and avoid matching players with their regular club opponents wherever possible. Scenario will be Dogfight. This is a WW2 Tournament so no Korean War Jets.
    Registration & draw 10.00 -10.15am
    Game 1 10.15 -11.15
    Game 2 11.20-12.20
    Lunch & shoping 12.20-13.30
    Game 3 13.30-14.30
    Presentation 14:30
    Bugger off and more shopping 14:36 onwards
    WW2 BRS Tournament pack v.02.02 22/11/19
    Players must each provide a “Squadron” of aircraft in 1:200 scale including the associated bases, trait cards markers, rulers, cards dice and counters for their squadron. A minimum of 2 elements each of 2 aircraft must be used.
    These must all be of a single aircraft type and should be from any official Warlord BRS release – ie Squadron or Expansion Pack.
    Squadrons may not exceed 500points including pilots.
    There is no restriction on number of Aces however named Aces are unique and cannot be included more than once in each squadron.
    Game Length
    Games should last no more than 1 hour. If not completed in an hour the side that has inflicted the most Boom chits is declared the winner.
    Clouds. Before deployment begins each player may choose up to two cloud templates Players take turns beginning with the attacker placing their clouds on table. Clouds may not placed within 6” of any table edge or each other. Once all clouds are placed the effects of any Theatre cards are resolved. Players using Clear Skies may choose which clouds to remove. Players using Bad Weather place the additional clouds themselves using the above placement restrictions.
    No Barrage Balloons are used
    Winning and Tournament points scoring.
    Victory is decided as per the usual rules. At the end of each game players score 5 points for a win and 1 point for each enemy aircraft shot down. When determining draws the number of Shot down and then Boom Chits suffered is the decider.
    Tournament rules amendments. The tournament will use the rules as amended by the current BRS FAQ with the addition of the optional rule that states deflection shots only hit on critical rolls
    Amended Aircraft Points
    P51D Mustangs cost 44 points
    A6M5 Zeros cost 33 points
    Yak 1s cost 28 points
    Theatre & Doctrine Cards
    The games will be “Open” play style – ie all cards will be on view and turned over when used rather than in hand.
    Players may choose up to two Theatre Cards and one Doctrine card. Home Advantage and Numbers may not be used in Tournaments, and theatre \ doctrines must be from the approved national list and in period with your squadron. You may take any equipment card at the appropriate cost.

    There will be a prize for 1st place and best painted Squadron.
    I’m hoping we can get a regular circuit running – i know it isnt everyone’s cup of tea but hopefully it could be fun.
    Any queries?
    1.Sean Griffiths
    2.Cam Murray
    3.Joe Chandler
    Sub \ Umpire Ken Natt

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    for “reasons”? I cant edit this but were now up to 7 players


    4 places left


    Tournament pack – still places if anyone is interested?


    Just to update on the Tournament at York on February 2nd. We still have 4 places left. We have a rather interesting first prize – thanks to Warlord we will have a pre release copy of Air Strike for the winner. Sadly there is a chance this may be defaced by Andy Chambers writing his name on it somewhere :-). If you want a chance to win this, get your name down fast!


    Is there a report on this anywhere?


    Sure- report here

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    Great report. Sounds like it went really well.

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