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    Eric Fontaine

    Chat, brag, ask questions, seek advice, or posts lists here and let the community give you some feedback! Be warned, it can be good and bad.

    Justin Freeland


    So this is my current list I’m looking to build!I’d probably be using the Rapid Fire National Characteristic.

    Second Lieutenant with assistant
    2x 10 man Ghurka rifles
    1x vet British infantry rifles
    2x regular British infantry rifles
    Free Artillery Observer
    Sniper Team
    Anti-tank Rifle Team
    Medium Mortar
    25 pound light artillery
    Humber Scout Car
    Bren Carrier with 2 lmgs
    Regular Cromwell

    Comments welcome!



    All regular unless noted ?

    How many british rifles ?

    Who in bren fires the 2nd LMG ?
    Or who do you plan to transport in the bren ?

    Justin Freeland

    Oops! I knew I forgot something.

    All 10 man rifle squads

    The bren is going to carry the observer and the assistant who will stay in the back, hop out, drop an art strike, jump back in to fire the lmgs. Prolly Also transport my second lieutenant!

    Justin Freeland

    Also all regular except sniper and Ghurkas!

    Comes out to 1247. Couldn’t post a pic cause too big lol.


    Officer and observer in open topped transport, that’s maybe 3 order dice in one shot … caution on the survivability of a fat bren …

    No spotters for artillery or mortar ? Some do some don’t …

    Got a solid 50 rifles, boots on the ground is always a good tactic.

    Justin Freeland

    More so a thought to put them both in there. Mainly the observer after he has called in a strike and I would have the officer run out once on the board. Keep the carrier in the back for an order dice until I am ready to roam the field with him.

    Spotters are also with their support teams, I forgot to mention that.

    But after learning from a tournament last night using German Fallschirmjager against early war Polish and late war US infantry is not the most fun when I only had 10 order dice to 3+ more than that against me with bigger squads of infantry haha.

    Any tips?


    All the basic stuff … control exposure, put some pins on before assault, enough pins and a unit is out for a few turns, a few pins on a few units is often better than a lot of pins on one unit, …

    With a smaller vet army, the medic is more and more valuable as your model count gose down … also a higher level commander can er’we go more units in one activation witch can be a sticky wicket to time but has tide turning potential …

    And always , flame throwers make a mess of large units …

    Justin Freeland

    Thanks so much! I am a bit more confident now knowing what I should look into doing. I kinda went into my first tournament blind cause it was so last minute for me, but I just wanted to have the chance to play haha.

    Thanks again for the help, and I look forward to building this list!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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