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    I have just recently gotten into this game and noticed a cornucopia of models (soft plastic, 3rd party kits,metal, hard plastic, and now resin).

    I assume they are now harmonizing the product with the resin and it will be nice for this to happen?

    Have they given any indication on the future of bombers? I really wanted some He 111’s and would like to avoid kit bashing other sources.



    I believe that nothing official has been said. I don’t recall reading anything unofficial either, other than vague comments on the Facebook BRS Ready Room page that once existing stocks of metal are gone, they likely will be replaced with resin casting.

    There hasn’t been an official release of any HE-111s yet. I haven’t read of any rumors that there will be one in the near future.



    Yeah, I figured as much. Thank you for the reply.



    The 2020 release plan is just getting put together, and it does include some bombers, however no He111 as the weight of the releases is moving out to the Pacific. Can’t really say more than that at the moment but 14 “new” models expected. (technically one is a replacement for a plastic kit and another a variation on a plane already available in plastic).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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