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    Do you guys think there would be an interest for a Bolt Action adaptation set during the cold war era, or even a fictional WWIII setting?

    I have two games Im very excited about, Bolt Action for its fantastic ruleset, and battlefront’s Team Yankee just because I love the era. Modern but without all the high-tech.
    The mix of these two would melt my heart! (and wallet)

    Just out of desperate curiosity, have Warlord ever shown any interest for a modern setting?


    Rumours have it that the Korean War is next up for Warlord games, slightly more modern than WWII.


    Well this is not a rumour, you can pre-order on Amazon, same like Fortress Budapest.


    Oh, I had no idea! That sounds interesting indeed but I wish it would have been a European WWIII setting instead. Whatever the case, Im interested for sure!

    Cat Shot One

    Cold War? Why not have a hot war in a hot place! I hope that Korea takes us straight to Vietnam.
    Getting to a conventional conflict in 80s Europe will require a number of new rules. Moving along in a chronological order (Korea, Vietnam, 80s Afghanistan, Falklands? Inter-German border!) would allow to sort out things one by one, e. g. introducing helicopter transports & gunships in SE Asia.


    I think Badger Games does Falklands War figures in 28mm in their modern forces range.

    richard zamudio

    Unfortunately, modern conflict (as in gaming) is a niche of a niche. I live in the USA and the Korean conflict (Bolt Action) has arrived as a conflict of little interest for the gaming community. There is greater interest in WWII (Bolt Action) but only a very small minority of gamers actually participate.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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