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    If you would like to get added to the list, please add your forum name and location. This way players can PM each other and arrange pick up games or events, The more that participate the more likely it will grow. If you would rather add your store or local gaming hang out, please include the facilities name, address, contact info if available and times your group meet for games. Thank you.


    Great idea!

    Rob Brown – Based in Canterbury, Kent.
    I often play at the Friday Night Fire Fight club that meets at the University of Kent’s Canterbury Campus on (shockingly) Friday evenings.


    Though this seems rather quiet, hopefully there will be others in my area who look in on this thread.

    Stephen – based Bridport, Dorset. I’m not a member of any club and have only recently got a copy of BP. My main interest is FIW, though I will be expanding my Jacobites to do 1715 and 1745.


    Hi, I’m based near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. I’m trying to find any clubs that play Napoleonics or players in this area.


    Due to lockdown the Chelmsford Bunker has a few of us discussing picking up BP, mainly peninsula war forces…we’ll see what happens when lockdown is over!

    John Spencer

    Hi folks,

    I’m based near Blackpool, Lancashire. Currently building Napoleonics late French


    So an update on the Chelmsford Bunker BP front!

    We have 5 French*, 6 British*, 2 portugese (one with french as well) and a Prussian force being started!


    *a couple of guys are doing a force for each so we dont have blue on blue pick up battles!


    John – I’m based in Blackpool. Totally new to the game, and very early stages of building Peninsular French. My mate is building Peninsular British. We also play Bolt Action, Japanese and USMC respectively.



    Roger Moore


    I am based in Barnstaple, North Devon, UK. New to Napoleonic wargaming but keen on having a go with Black Powder rules. I have painted a British and a French Army with some Allies. I cannot find a club locally which caters for my interests. I have a small 6′ x 4′ table at home which I can use in the garage. If there is anyone out there looking to play Black Powder Napoleonics in the Barnstaple area I would be pleased to hear from them.





    I’m in Barnstaple too and have just started building a Napoleonic army. Small world!



    Hi John,

    I’m based over Wyre, near Fleetwood.

    Not driving, the club based at Harlequins is utterly inaccesable even when Boris’ puppet masters tell him to lift the lockdown.

    Once upon a time, there was one hosted at Blackpool Library. 🙁

    I have a variety of Peninsular 28mm forces – British, French, Spanish, Polish, German (von Pirbreck’s Talavera Brigade) and Portuguese troops assembled over the decades.

    Alissa B


    Any players from Manchester? I moved here fairly recently from N. Yorkshire and not been able to find any Black Powder players. Travel to Yorkshire a fair bit though so could play there. Never battled with anyone but myself +/ reluctant friends 😁

    Stuart Wilson


    Anyone in the Kingston/Hampton Court/West London area who is into Black Powder could do worse than popping over to the Hampton Court Games club where a game of Black Powder is played most weeks often in fun multi-player games. The club meets Sunday afternoon from 16:00 through to 20:00 at Imber Court sports and social club. We use a conference room upstairs at the venue and we have a lot of terrain and stuff for the games so mostly its just bringing along your favourite figures. If your interested contact me via e-mail on stuartzwilson@gmail,com. Ciao.


    Hello, but late but found this in the hunt for BP players. I live east of Leeds which maybe a little far…

    Have you had any luck?


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