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    I’m new to Black Powder. I can’t wait to start playing it. I’m building the first scenario, The Battle of Elixheim to play. I’m using 28mm scale.

    I’m starting with the Franco/Bavarian army.

    According to the instructions, My infantry should be 4 brigades with 3 units(battalions) each. so I’m making 12 units of 16 figure models on 4 bases.

    However, the rules don’t say how many are French or Bavarian. Do I make 2 French brigades and 2 Bavarian, 1 French and 3 Bavarian? Who knows? It does say in the scenario that most units were Bavarian but how much?

    I think this makes a difference in playing the scenarios because the French and Bavarian infantries both have first fire but the Bavarians also have superbly drilled.

    Can any one advise?

    Big Al

    Right, so take a look at the title, The Armies on page 117. There, in the first paragraph, it states that the majority of the infantry was Bavarian.

    The rest of that section gives you some idea of the number of figures used, which is not too important because you have your own unit sizes and Black Powder doesn’t count figures, but it still tells you the numbers of men and the ratio of men to figures. That can help you determine the proportion.

    Another, easier way of working it out is to make 3 of the 4 brigades Bavarian and one French. That gives you a majority of Bavarian units. That should sort you out. If it isn’t 100% correct, it won’t really matter because you are following the spirit of the scenario.


    Thank you Big Al.

    Garry Wills
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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