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    At last – and embarrassingly late – the BoB80 Campaign update. Massed bomber attacks against London have been happening throughout September and early October. Luftwaffe fighters are doing their best to protect the bombers but hamstrung by operational restrictions they’re often only able to catch the RAF after the Spitfires and Hurricanes have mauled the bombers. German fighter losses are relatively light but bomber losses are excessive and Goering is very unhappy with his fighter pilots. On the other side however everything is not all good news. Pilots are being forced to engage the bombers but are falling victim to escorts and defensive fire. Worse hit was 303 Sq on 21.09.40 who lost 4 out of 6 planes engaged, but due to their tenacity and bravery shot down all 3 of the the attacking bombers. Overall the third phase has been a resounding if expensive victory for the Fighter Command. Phase 4 to follow – with added Italians!

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