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    Hi mates!!

    Well..i always have the same problem with orthers players about assault phase, assaulting through terrain and defended obstacles lets see if you can help me because always its the same discussion, maybe im not doing correctly (?)

    The rules sais:

    1-Through terrain “when measuring the distance between the closests model”, the model must go around roung terrain (o border it like the faqs sais) then the assault is limited to 6um and defenders will benefit from defensive position

    what happens if the closest model dont need to go through terrain because the target have the closest model out of the forest or the ruins? The will benefit from defensive position just because the rest of the unit is inside of the rougth terrain despite the closest model from the assaulting unit dont have to enter in?

    I think people confuse “defended obstacles” with cober from shooting they think because the unit its inside of a forest but one of the models (the closest one) its not, they think they hace cober, and then they have defensive position

    Can you help me please?




    I can not upload a photo 😠

    I send in the cloud


    In that case there is no defended obstacle.
    Only the two closest models count.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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