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    David Clegg

    Hi All,

    I’m pretty new to the game and wanted to check my understanding of how some trait cards being re-labelled as positive affect action deck building, specifically in relation to the mosquito. Now that agile is a positive trait and does not therefore become part of the deck does a squadron of 6 mosquitoes require 6 deep pockets cards to build the deck?

    In the same vein does the old BPD set, which only has a single negative trait on the aircraft card contribute no cards to the deck? I appreciate that the set is OOP but I have managed to get hold of one and would like to know how this works for playing with friends.



    Appoligies, just seen this….

    But do check out the BRS FAQ (found going to the webstore, then the community site – resources) as the Mosquito has been errated to have 2 trait cards.

    However you do have the right of it…. A squadron will have a single Positive or Negative trait that is (for the want of a better way of saying it) allways on.  Your deck is then made up of any other traits if the aircraft has them.  So a plane that only has 1 negative trait will not supply any cards to your deck.

    David Clegg

    Thanks, I had seen the changes to the mosquito traits since making the original post.

    Goid to know I’ve understood deck building properly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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