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    Hello Everyone.


    I just received my preorder and it is awesome!

    I’m trying to understand attack dice for AA.  Looking at the New Mexico on page 24 it lists “AA Battery…Local 1”.  No attack dice are listed.  However, “Local 1” on page 12 states “This weapon may roll an additional number of attack dice equal to the local score,…”  If the local trait provides the “additional dice” how many attack dice are rolled if a ship does not have the Local 1 trait?  Is it just assumed to be 1?

    Thanks for your support in helping me utterly destroy the buddies I play with.  Trust me, with all the puns they spout, they deserve it.



    yes you have the right of it…local 1 with nothing in the AD column of the battery will give you only 1 dice only to AA with and can only target flights that are touching its base

    If you look at the Portland cruisers 1943 refit it gives you an AA Battery with 3AD and local 1… which gives you 4 dice against all flight who go over the ship in the movement phase, 4 in total against all flights touching its base or 3 in total against flights within 5” (its extreme range)

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