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    I though of this a couple of times, what are things we would like to see form Warlord. While you can surely wist for any ship to be release by Warlord, i think we should keep in scale of the Game, so smaller ships and whatever you want to go with them. We know there is more stuff coming in the future and things we want might be already out there.

    Here are things i would like to see (mostly german stuff, because those are the costal forces i know more ships than us or british).

    1. In general i’d like to see bits (metal), like the crews WG already released, but different stuff (guns, liferafts/-boats etc.). I really dont have the patience to scratchbuild those. Those are even molded for the different models.

    – Gun sets (per nation)
    – Raft/Boat

    2. Ships

    – R-Boat (R 41-R 129 and/or R 130 – R 150). although we have
    – Kriegsfischkutter (there were many versions… like the 24m Reichsfischkutter G or the 29m twin screw Reichsfischkutter D, Andreas’ scratch build version is a nice example)

    Royal Navy
    – Harbour Defence Motor Launch
    – Motor Gun Boat

    3. Going crazy
    – I’d really like to see the Raubvogel Class or the Flottentorpedoboot 1939, but at 82 and 102 meters i really think those might be to big and expensive in the long run…

    Now i would really like to see, what you want to see in Cruel Seas.

    Dr Dave

    Coastal flak fort / tower for Thames estuary defence?

    Bill McGill

    Has to be the British Powerboat Company MGBs. They don’t even make it into the ship stats in the rules book.

    And a MGB version of the Fairmile D type as used in the Med would be nice


    I like the idea of weapons packs for modifying ships.

    I’ll add a few items to the list

    Royal Navy
    – Definitively some of the smaller MGBs
    – Denny Steam Gunboats
    – Fairmile As, Bs, and C (I assume the Bs are coming, since there are stats for them)
    – An Air/Sea Rescue boat
    – 77′ Elco MGB/MTB

    – 77′ Elco PT boat
    – Mid-war version of the Elco 80′ PT (or the weapons to make one)

    – Diahatsu landing craft with weapon variants for transports and gunboats

    -MO type submarine chasers


    Accessory packs:
    – guns
    – liferafts/inflatables/boats
    – mines
    – depth charges
    – crew

    All the stuff to individualise models


    Andreas from Melbourne

    Paul G. Overend

    I’d certainly second, or third or fourth, the request for weapon/equipment packs.

    Always preferring early war actions I’d like to see the Elco 77′, early Japanese barges/landing craft and No.1 or No.4 Class submarine chaser for actions around the Philippines and Solomon Islands.

    For my European fleets I’d like to see some MGB, and earlier S-boot (S-7 &c)

    Perhaps a little more variety in the content of the crew packs too? Rather than three figures clumped together, a selection of crew serving guns, launching torpedoes, or even on watch.


    I’m holding my breath for metal crewed weapon packs. The difference between the “Das Boot” weapon crew and the S-Boat crew is striking. I’d replace all the weapons on all my plastic boats if that came out.


    Still looking for more things you would, so i’m giving this a bump up.
    Even though the game’s release wasn’t this long ago, im kinda waiting for new models, not the “flood” of trumpeter and AFV Club kits, that are hitting the online store, but real 1/300 models, that fit the costal forces theme of the game.

    invisible officer

    Same with me. True 1/300 scale.

    A VII C U-Boot should be 22,3 cm long but the 1/350 available on market is 19,2 cm long. Especially the bridge and guns look really “wrong” near to a true 1/300 model.

    And I see the same at first glimpse with the bigger vessels. Trumpeter’s Z 43 is 36,4 cm long but should be 42,3 cm.
    The 6 cm missing hull is not the big problem but again the guns and the bridge.


    What confused me, was the article about Camouflage a while back.
    Right at the end there is a picture of a Flower Class by Skytre with the text:

    Skytrex model painted as HMCS Snowberry K166 by Warlorder RichC – Soon to be released as part of Cruel Seas

    So even a Flower Class in 1/350? The Flower is fairly similar in size to the german M-1935 Minesweeper, which is longer, but with less draught and width.
    I’m aware that the game is new and for companies its a risk and only successful games can be supported (over longer times). But with the rulebooks first wave sold out in that short time… well it seems to me that it might be. And even if new 1/300 models will take some more time, i will save my money for those.
    And again i really hope we will see weapon sets and other parts kits to help us convert and scratchbuild models, especiall the costal theme has soooooo many opportunities.

    Dr Dave

    That Skytrex Flower class corvette is indeed 1/350th scale. I thought it was 1/300th when I built mine!

    invisible officer

    That: “Soon to be released as part of Cruel Seas” makes me fear the worst. Today it should be no problem to scan the parts and do moulds in true 1/300. Only reason: Money.

    On my wishlist are some ships worth a torpedoe. That mini 50 m / 165 ft tanker is not worth one of the newer torpedoes following staff orders to MTB.

    I like one of the biggest successes of MTB: HSK 7 Komet. Sunk by MTB 236 near Cp de la Hague on breakout to second cruise.

    I did a deck plan in 1/300 that can serve as counter like the tanker one in base set. 383mm, hmmmm Balsa, cardb….. May be I……


    Go for it! I’m planing on building a Sperrbrecher (about 320mm) from scratch. currently making a test build of the hull out of cardboard, if this work out i will make a plastic card version.


    Definitely Grey Goose class steam gun boats.


    This a great thread.

    I would like to request:
    – coastal defenses including:
    – coastal artillery
    – coastal MG nests
    – cables and other traps/barriers
    – some troops to drop off and pick up
    – coastal targets like supply dumps and buildings
    – lookout/observation bunkers
    – harbors and cranes
    – some kind of 1/300 cars, trucks, tanks (maybe we’ll just use 1/285 or whatever scale already exists)

    I second this: “Coastal flak fort / tower.” I saw something in a kickstarter or Shapeways, I forget which, about these. Could be awesome.

    I would also like to see more packs containing crewed and un-crewed weapons, rafts, searchlights, and people. I like these little groups of 3 people but I think we could expand upon that.

    Also, rafts floating with people in them (scenario objectives), and minefield models.

    And, purely for fun, some kinds of sea monsters! Seriously! Just for plain old fun, lunchtime scenarios with the kids and kid-minded adult buddies!

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