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    It’s now been over 24 DAYS since I emailed about missing wake markers and parts from my box set.

    Not a single reply.. nothing in my mailbox. Complete. Silence.

    Thanks Warlord… thanks a lot.

    invisible officer

    You have the option to download them.

    Here in Europe the store has to take back games (or other articles) that are not complete. The store has to deal with the maker, not the customer. No way out by claiming “I can’t do anything….”

    For my local dealers it is normal to refund the money if something is missing or defect. A sticker does not change that here. Only items with a discount caused by the defect can’t be brought back to shop.
    To deal with the maker is their job. And Warlord is doing fast service for them.

    Here a shop owner like your Kentucky one would be soon out of business.


    I know Warlord is totally overwhelmed right now. I finally got through to them after weeks and multiple attempts.

    Hang in there. They have not forgotten you.


    @Invisible Officer –

    Thanks for the suggestions and whatnot.. but first and foremost..

    When I pay for something, A – I want a working product, and B – I want a COMPLETE product.

    If I have to complete THEIR products, I want paid for my time or refunded by the company. Plain and simple. I dont work for Warlord. Im not about to do their jobs for them too.

    Ive contacted the retailer several times. Warlord isnt answering them either, and as of today, he still has multiple boxes with little white stickers on it that say “Missing Wake to Follow.”

    It’s not a matter of “He refuses to replace.” It’s a matter of “He literally CANT replace it.”

    Seeing as how I already had some of the models assembled when I noticed the problem.. what exactly are my options here? Hand him a half assembled box and demand a refund? No. Just no.

    This isn’t the retailers fault, or mine, or the law, or anything else for that matter. This falls squarely on 1 person/place.. Warlord Games.

    “overwhelmed” or not.. it’s been 26 DAYS.. you’re going to sit there with a straight face and say NOBODY in that building had time to type “We got it, we’re working on it, sorry about that!”

    … No. Just no.

    invisible officer

    Well, as Erik wrote, they are burried under a mountain of questions.
    Old me remember the pre Internet time well. Any contact with a company in another country took many weeks.

    Your local dealer sold you that game with that sticker and did not tell it to you. So you did not notice. His fault, not yours.
    So for any refund I would ask him. May be he can download the markers and do a printout on cardboard for you?

    My local shop got the missing wake markers with next delivery.


    I’ll add that the folks at Warlord (someone named Robin, specifically) were very gracious once I got through to them.

    Don’t lose faith in Warlord. They are just overwhelmed right now.

    As for your local shop….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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