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    invisible officer

    Another IO nerd project, a vessel that saw no WW II service.

    The Warlord MTB sprue offers a 1944 73ft (Type I) MTB. A late war vessel, not many built.

    With few torpedo targets left the next series for 1945 was designed with more guns but just 2 18” tubes. The twin 2cm went from bow aft and was replaced with a 6 pdr. Beside the bridge two twin .303 MG are mounted. With that Type II it became necessary to use the I on the 1944 boats.
    None of the Type II was ready for front use at VE. But I wanted one for diversity.

    IO scratch built 6pdr and 2 cm bandstand, cutting away a lot of the original stuff. The mast is a problem. I found written evidence that it was relocated to mid. But the plan and a picture I used had it in Type I left position. So I decided to give it a position just a bit more to mid. A ?.

    The two leftover 18” TT came ready for my MTB 74 project that I did at same time.

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