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    While really pleased that the Battle of France Campaign book has clarified some issues from the various Army books, there are still some annoying anomalies:
    1. Armies of France & the Allies p.27 – AMR 33 and AMR 35 has been greatly expanded with the various gun variants of the AMR 35, though still missing the ADF 1 COMMAND variant with a mantle-mounted LMG, but more to the point hasn’t taken account of the AMR 33’s UNRELIABILITY, which is why they were being replaced with the AMR 35 in the first place. Additionally, the AMR 33 could be fitted with a pintle-mounted MMG.
    2. Armies of France and the Allies p.30 – The Laffly S20TL is primarily a troop carrier (10 pax) rather than a ‘Rat Patrol’ gun truck. At least one of the MMGs is provided by the dismounts, so should be optional rather than compulsory in the cost. (15 (SSV) + 20 (10 pax) base cost, plus up to 2 MMGs @ 15 each).
    3. Armies of France and the Allies p.26 – The Laffly S20TL portee is a soft-skinned vehicle (15) with a fixed light AT gun (50), so why does it cost 5 its more than a British 2-pdr portee (Armies of Great Britain p.49) which also has a 360 degree arc of fire (even though the BEF ones, mounting a French 25mm AT gun don’t).
    4. While on the subject of portees, the Belgians get penalised even more, as Errata 27 Mar 17 to Armies of France and the Allies p.61 gives the Car and Light Utility Truck entry a forward or rear-facing hull mounted light AT gun for +50 its, making a Belgian AT portee 71pts.
    5. The Germans had portees too. The Krupp Protze Kfz.69 was used as a tractor or portee for the 37mm AT gun, while the Krupp Protze Kfz.81 was a tractor or portee for a 20mm AA gun. In both cases, the only thing these SSVs could carry (or tow) was the weapon, its crew and some ammunition, so surely their cost should be 65 pts for the Kfz.69, or 55 pts for the Kfz.81, just like the Horch 1A field car with FlaK 38 (Armies of Germany 2nd Ed p.69).
    6. And while on AA portees, with the example cited above at 55 pts, why is the Polsten AA truck (Armies of Great Britain p.52) only 45 pts?


    on the French vehicles
    1/ P16, AMR 33, AMC35 at least must be “unreliable”in a revised version of the army list
    2/ all the wheeled Armored cars must have “Dual direction steering”
    3/ the Laffly does not have weapons, just pintle mounts for the weapons of the passengers ( LMG for a dragons portés squad – MMG for a MMG unit )

    but the AMR35 with 25mm are introduced in “the Battle of France”


    I can find no historical source that confirms that the French half-tracked transports/tractors in use in 1940 (‘Armies of France and the Allies’, p.30 – UNIC/Citroen-Kegrasse Half-Track – P.107BU and P.17, p.31 – Somua MCG/MCL Tractor) are in fact armoured (Damage Value 7+) rather than soft-skinned (Damage Value 6+) vehicles. Interestingly, the Citroen-Kegresse Portee (p.26) is given a damage value of 6+. By my reading, they should only become armoured vehicles once they’ve gone through Becker’s workshops for employment by 21 Pz Div in 1944.

    Mark Stanoch

    While we are on the topic of French armor, are we sure that the R-35 had a hull mounted MMG as specified in the Armies of France and the Allies book?


    Agree with your observation; the R35 should have a coax MMG rather than a hull-mounted weapon. There’s also a reasonable argument that it should be rated as SLOW.


    … which, of course, it is. (D’oh!)

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