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    2019 is Black Powder year at our wargames club LMG! Six fearless generals have taken up the challenge to each build and paint a Black Powder army over the course of four battles. Yesterday we fought the first one, with each general bringing a freshly painted battalion and a commander to the table.

    General Mats had to take a leave of absence and General Danny had spent the previous night burning his house down. This left Generals Boris and Leendert on the French side, opposed by General Erik’s Hanoverians and my own British.

    The year is 1815 and we are somewhere well West of Waterloo. Both sides have dispatched a division towards the village of Kontekeur. After a confused march through a dark, rainy night, their lead brigades are encamped near a ridge of hills. At dawn they find that they are a mere stone’s throw away from each other!

    We roll D6s to have sleepy soldiers emerge groggily from random tents. The commanders are galloping to and fro, gathering their troops into battle-ready battalions.

    The British make it to the ridge first, but the French Tricolore is already seen behind the trees! They exchange musketry for a while as the Hanoverians slowly maneuver onto the British left flank. So slowly that the second French battalion has time to form up in full strength in the dreaded attack column.

    Eventually all four battalions are in action and the battle comes down to the dice. It is the British who first decide that this is no business to be had before breakfast. They withdraw to make some ham and eggs. The French send a few volleys after them before wheeling into the Hanoverian right flank and treating them to some enfilade fire. At that point the Hanoverians too quit the field, leaving victory to the forces of the Empereur…

    Thanks to all players for a fun battle, and on to the next one!

    I can make the scenario available here if people would like that.

    Charge The Guns

    A fun battle report and a really neat idea to get a new period started. I really like the idea of getting everyone to paint up some units for a campaign. You paint it, you use it, sort of thing 🙂


    Thanks! That’s the idea, a series of steadily escalating scenarios that end with a full-scale battle (everyone will have roughly a reinforced brigade by the end of the campaign). For the next battle, everyone will bring a fresh cavalry unit in addition to the infantry battalion and commander already painted. After that, another infantry battalion and a gun. Etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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