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So you played Bolt Action … and you may have played tank war, or wanted too … but every troop comander wants his troops mechanized … in WW2 that ment half tracks , lots of them … sooo …

A half track war , totally mechanized infantry with mechanized support vs more of the same …

1 commander in half track + other HQ options from army list (must fit into transports but don’t have to take for self if can fit in othets)

2-4 troop selections from base list , must have half track transport

0-1 AA gun mounted in half tack
0-1 mortar mounted in halftrack
0-1 artillery mounted in halftrack

0-1 Armored car
0-1 Tank

Within agreeable range … for example brit
universal carriers should count as halftracks , tankets could count for half tracks for mortar/artillery mounts … ect …

Just a pondering of possibilities but … Open to others expanding the horizon, ie open to input …