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As an aside, a community member on FB /Discord is writing whats hoped to be an offical supplement for VaS – Here is his post from the Wardroom.


last year I began the process of proposing to Warlord that I write an official expansion to Victory at Sea. A few months ago I got the green light to go ahead and start working on the first planned expansion that will cover aircraft & aircraft carriers. This will be based on my Admiralty Rules with a few tweaks. The official name hasn’t been decided but it’ll be something along the lines of carrier warfare. (I’m very open to suggestions!)
I am going to do my best to make whatever corrections can be made to the game within the scope of this work. My goal is to make the game easier to understand and more historically accurate but still a lot of fun. For those of you who already use The Admiralty Rules or use my website (<link removed>) you will probably be familiar with what I have in mind.
Right now I’m working on setting up a way to collect feedback and collate it into something easily referenceable when needed. I’m also going to set up a play testing group to try out new ideas.
More to follow as things progress!