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Stuart Harrison

Question has been asked before, Alessio responded but it never made it to an FAQ.  Nat has it right and it’s measurement to the closest that determines whether minimum range prevents the shot, even if some models are out of minimum range.

Post being responded to was by Joshua Cope, 21 April 2019, Bolt Action Facebook page:

Alessio Cavatore

Had a read of the Shooting section and Indirect fire rule and this one seems clear to me. Units target units, and range is measured to the closest visible model in the target unit. So the target in the example is at 11″ from the mortar. This is inside the minimum range and therefore it cannot be hit.”

I would still prefer to play it the other way – I don’t like the idea of a unit being immune to an indirect fire weapon just by having a single model inside minimum range – but my not liking it doesn’t change the rules!