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L.T. Russell

Howdy Gents, THANKS for your replies!

Stuart, Aidan, thanks for the info!  Between the multiple campaign books, Armies of books, Version 1, 2 and now 3, errata, etc, etc, I worry that Bolt Action is becoming like Warhammer….ya gotta buy half a dozen $50 rulebooks just to play a basic game….

Steven T, I hear ya!  The number one way to keep yer vehicle from getting stolen, have a stick shift.  Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and I was young, an automatic transmission would cost you an extra thousand dollars….

(A) I’m an American, I want options.  Every Army has a listing for the standard medium truck, that holds 12 men, and maybe has an option for an MG.  Does any other country have a listing for a STANDARD heavy truck (not a “monster” truck), that would/could carry 24 men, tow a larger gun, etc. besides the Americans?  I KNOW for a fact the British and Germans have/had them.  It would definitely make a difference in Konflikt 47, where ya might wanna transport “Large” infantry or a buncha Totenkorps.  I have a standard Opel Blitz medium truck, a Maultier tracked medium truck, Horch heavy cars, Kubel light cars, etc, heck I’ve even got an Opel Blitz medium truck with an armored cab and a 37mm AA gun in the bed.  I’ll buy a heavy truck if they’ll sell me one….

(B) I’m pretty sure that in the later model Panzer IIIs the 2nd coax was removed to provide room for the larger 50mm main guns and thicker gun mantlet armor, as the Panzer assumed more of the role of medium tank vs infantry support….

I prefer to think it’s just an oversight in the minutiae of detail, but it does bother me a little that someone doing this for money seems to know less than I do.  I freely admit that I’ve been studying WWII German militaria for something like 50+ years now and am arguing about somewhat picky details.  It is always easier to come along afterwards and sharpshoot.  Then again, errors just seem to stick out to me.  I specifically will cite the Images of War books by Ian Baxter, which usually contain at least a half dozen mislabeled photographs.  What can I say.  I’ve studied WWII for 50+years, I’ve been in the military for 21+years, I’ve carried guns for money for 47+years….

Doctrine works great in training during peacetime.  In a real shootin’ war, the experienced survivors use whatever works best.  The German 88 is probably the prime example; AA gun, AT gun, medium artillery piece.  I’m presently in love with automatic AA guns, mostly for the multiple shots.  My dice roles usually suck, so I want as many chances as possible….

Yeah, there’s a BIG difference between historical gamers and tournament competitors.  Much as I hate to say it, there seems to be an underlying bias by the British company, for the British units.  The group I game with refer to it as the “Cheaty British”….except for the one guy who plays Brits….


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