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L.T. Russell

Howdy Steve T!

These points become “moot” IF someone notices and does something about it….

The Army Builder app does me no good.  I’m a low-tech old guy with a dumb flip-phone.  I’ve bought the Army books and the Campaign books.  I build my units with pencil and paper….

A)  I’m not asking about anything one-off/obscure/experimental.  I’m asking why there’s no listing for the standard German heavy truck.

B)  When I mention the early models of the Panzer III, there are ALREADY two listings in Armies of Germany and they’re both wrong.  Again, this is not an obscure vehicle, the Panzer III is one of the German army’s standard medium tanks, at least for the 1st half on the war.  I don’t remember if this is addressed in the errata.  I don’t know if it’s addressed in the Army Builder or one of the campaign books.  I’m guessing not though.  I’m hoping if I point it out, someone will notice….

“Also I think the designers take the view that just because vehicle A has weapon X it doesn’t mean it was used in the same role. as another vehicle with the same weapon.”  Huh?  Can you illustrate this point a little more clearly?

Personally, I think the designers always shade things in favor of the British, usually at the expense of the Germans.  Some of the world-class Bolt Action players in our group have noticed that playing a British/Indian army gets you an extra 200+ free points in your army build.  A 200 point advantage can be a little hard to overcome.  Yet a German national advantage, like “Tiger Fear”, ends up so neutered that it’s pretty much worthless….