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Charge The Guns

Hi Paolo, all great questions!  I will try my best to answer them.

1. When playing with 15s we halved ranges distances.  e.g. Infantry move 12”/2 = 6”.  Some people have also used centimetres rather than inches.  As long as both sides do the same it is fine.

2. A stand has no official meaning – it is just wargaming short hand for a base with a number of figures. Some older rules expected a particular number of figures on a particular sized base.  BP was trying to allow for people reusing collections originally based for older rules. A lot of people base 4 figures, 2 ranks of 2, on a sqaure base – perhaps 40mm sqaure.  6 such bases, or stands, would make a 24 figure unit.  When playing others you might agree for a game that a standard size unit is 6 stands for example.

3. I think in this case it is using divisions and brigades interchangeably.  Basically meaning a collection of individual regiments/units.  In the 19th century a division was typically a collection of brigades, and a brigade was a collection regiments. Unless you are doing a very big BP game you wouldn’t need to worry about formations above the brigade. Typically we just play with an army made up of brigades, and each brigade has a number of regiments.

Hope this helps?