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Christian LaSala

Okay, here’s a really oddball one for everyone here:

If you have a Support Lt with a few buddies near an artillery piece and you use the Recrew option when taking an action to move ALL of them over to the gun, what happens to the officer’s order die?


We already have rules for officers in units, so I’d assume he continues to function as an officer, just as part of the gun crew and only activating when the gun activates, but what happens to his order die? Is it considered a casualty? Is it put aside until the officer is killed, then awarded as a kill? Is it just removed from the game and no one gets credit for it?


Additional complexity to the situation: he and the extra guys he has are armed with SMGs; if the gun is assaulted can they reaction fire with their personal weapons? Normal artillery crew don’t get personal weapons, but the extra guys a Support Officer takes explicitly DO get weapons. While you cannot make reaction fire with an indirect weapon, can the six extra dudes with SMGs fire their personal weapons when their gun is assaulted?

More awkward questions: the extra crew have weapons with their own equipment line, in addition to the artillery piece. Can they fire them when you shoot the artillery piece IF you have more men than it requires to crew it? Precedent has been set for this with the IJA Machine Gun Section that specifies any men beyond the 2 required loaders are allowed to fire their weapons in addition to the MMG (so you don’t get left with 8 riflemen loading one MMG). If it’s an indirect weapon can they fire at another target (since indirect weapons in squads can fire independently already)?

Yeah, the Support Officer really mucked up a BUNCH of rules.