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Ok a couple of other points (its hard to follow a wall of text)

Theres no rules stopping you from targeting the spotter … except most of the time they are at a -3 mod… which is understandable as its one guy trying very hard not to be seen :p
Nor is there any rules saying you cant charge the spotter (but there is the otherway round).. I’ve used this a few times to get a little further forward… charge, rolling 11 dice to kill one model then moving D6 consolidation :p

pins on a spotter … they still have the same ‘pin out’ rule where number of pins is greater than Ld they run off the table.  Not to mention if the spotter wants to move they still have to take an order check.

Its only drawing Line of Sight from the spotter where the spotter is used in an order and doesnt require an order check.