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1st question is – which campaign book are you reading?

However my read of the Dig In rules from ‘Duel in the Sun’:

Where Scenarios allow it units can begin a game Dug in.  Units deploy as normal but must be marked as locations can be re-occupied by other units later in game.

Use – Units count as being DOWN when shot at unless they have an ADVANCE or RUN order on them.  IF they are given a DOWN order then the befits are doubled (-4 for shooting or ¼ hits of HE).  Being Dug in gives no benefits to assaults which are worked out as normal, except Tank Assaults as mentioned below.

Dug in Vehicles – Are unable to move at all during the game, but treat every IMMOBLISED result as a crew stunned result instead.

Dug in & Hidden Setup – Hidden setup rules apply fully, but the unit still counts as down when shot by HE.  When hidden setup rules cease applying then only Dug in rules apply.

Dug in V Prelimary bombardment – Dug in has no effect against pre-game artillery.

Dug in V Tank Assault – Dug in units auto pass moral checks when attacked by Tanks which pass over them as if they weren’t there.  However if the tank ends its move on top of any models then they are removed as casualties, and the unit has to take a tank shock moral check / or casualty moral check as applicable.

Digging in During a Game – Optional rule that is NOT recommended – If a unit receives a down order & passes an order check then doesn’t move from that location the next turn it becomes Dug in during the End Phase.  Place the relevant markers /tokens.