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Stuart Harrison

NCOs are specifically prevented from becoming loader for a squad based team weapon.

MRB, p73, Weapons, Weapon Special Rules, Team Weapon, Squad Based Team Weapons, third sentence – ‘Choose which model becomes the loader – you can pick any model in the squad except the NCO…’

As written, there should be one weapon with no loader to comply with the rules as written, or a specific special rule in the entry allowing the NCO to act as a loader as a specific exception for this squad (as the entry does with splitting fire for the PIATs). The Errata adds one extra man in the composition, but still not enough to crew all weapons: ” Page 138, Parachute Diversion Section. Composition should be: NCO and 7 men. ”

That said, there is precedent in the FAQ for the Sahariana squad NCO to act as loader in a similar situation – one of several FAQ responses that (in my opinion) should have been an errata to create a specific exception to a specific rule, or simply been ruled the other way to keep the rule consistent.

“Regarding Compagnia Sahariana. Squads are set at an NCO and 3
men. Up to 2 men may upgrade to SMG, Up to 2 men may upgrade
to LMG. Is the NCO meant to be able to upgrade to an SMG? Also,
if 2 LMGs are taken one will be automatically without a loader
(unless the NCO can load)?
The NCO can have one of the two SMGs, and can act as the
loader for an LMG.”