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L.T. Russell

Howdy Nat!  IINM, max effective range for a standard military rifle, with iron sights, is gonna be something like 600 yards.  To shoot a point target at a mile, you’d need a sniper-grade weapon, match ammo and a decent scope….AND be a better than average shooter.  You could maybe hit an area target at a mile with iron sights.  I made Sharpshooter in the USMC.  I could hit a man-sized target at 500 yards, with an M16.  A .303 Enfield fires a full-length rifle cartridge, unlike the M16, but it’s not gonna make much difference for normal people….

The Bren gun probably has a longer barrel and does have an integral bipod.  While not designed to be as accurate as a rifle, it’ll be better at area targets.  With an M60 machinegun, with only a bipod, I could hit area targets at 1200 yards….and Stuart’ll tell ya a Bren is as good as any machinegun.  Just busting your chops, Stuart!