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L.T. Russell

Howdy again Stuart!  My continuing thanks for your patient and informed replies.  I agree with your point; “…benefit significantly from being crew served and were employed as light machine guns by their respective armies…”, however I’ll continue to quibble that they’re not much better than having a BAR with a loader, as opposed to being actual belt-fed MGs.  That’s just me being stubborn, sticking to my guns, pun intended….

I do believe we’ve beat this subject to death and Warlord Games does address the superiority of the German GPMGs by granting them an extra die.  A fair compromise, in the interest of playability, IMO….

One a different note, how do you feel about LMGs, MMGs and HMGs all having the same range in the games?

I served on both M60 and M2 crews while I was in the USMC.  I was an assistant MG instructor in the Army Reserve and as previously mentioned, I carried an M60 for two years in the National Guard.  By the time the M249 SAW came out I was already a Platoon Sergeant, so I have no experience carrying one of those.  The M240Bravo became common after I’d already retired from the military.  I’ve familiarization-fired a lot of stuff, including the MG42, STG45, Thompson, Grease Gun, BAR, AKMS, M2 Carbine, MP5, MP10, BM12, etc, etc.  The one chance I had to fire a Bren, it was broken that day….  : (

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