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L.T. Russell

Howdy Stuart!  Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but I prepared a big, long reply and something went wrong.  Either I posted it wrong or it was deleted, but that really bummed me out….

I did some research on the Bren and apparently the 100 round drum was only meant for anti-aircraft fire, using the extended AA sights, because the big drum totally obscured the weapons intrinsic sights….

IIRC, the MG34 and MG42 were the world’s first actual General Purpose MGs and the only true GPMGs in WWII.  No one else in the west had one until the Belgian FNMAG and the US M60 in the 1950s.  The Browning 1919s could only be fired from tripods and so were only MMGs, whether air or water cooled, until the advent of the 1919A6, which didn’t get general issue until the Korean War….

IMHO, Brens, BARs, Lewis guns, Degtyaryovs, FM 24/29s, ZB27s, etc, etc, since they’re not belt-fed, are just automatic rifles….

True you can stick a Bren on a tripod, put that doesn’t make it an MMG.  Heck, an MG34 or 42 in the MMG role could have a tripod, T & E, telescopic sight, periscope sight, remote-firing handles, cyclic rates 2 to 3 times higher than anyone else’s MGs, etc….

I don’t have personal experience with non-disintegrating metallic belts.  I carried an M60 for two years, but I can’t imagine it’s that hard to link belts together….