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invisible officer

The temple of Ramses III relief show the carts  drawn by more than two oxen (= Slow) and with just one axle in mid of base (= unstable)  They seem to be ordinary trasport, carrying the belongimgs and kids. So more like a modern camper, not an APC.


Instead of adding power to a force they would seperate the fighters into the “crews” of a few peoples. With civilists in the way.   Formed into a line , following each other, they might prevent the enemy war vehicles from crossing that line.  But the far more mobile chariots will pass and pepper the targets with arrows and spears. Dwars line would be even more vulnarable.


Only very good tactical managing would make the carts into a Hussite style moving castle. And for good reasons these had been 4 wheeled.


The relief clearly shows the Egyptian forces clearing out the carts one by one.  I think they got attacked on the march and the men had no time to form a fighting line on foot. Trying the best to defend the families. No hint that they formed a wall.


So for me: Just baggage train