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Stuart Harrison

1. Agree on shotguns.

2. Agree on FG42.

3. Totally disagree on the Bren gun. If you’ve ever been part of a team with one, you’d see the difference between it and a BAR immediately. The top fed system allows the second man to have the replacement magazine in place before the gunner has even finished the movement of tossing the empty mag under the gun, so a mag change takes little more than the normal pause between bursts, nothing like the mucking around with changing mags on a BAR. The quick change barrel system allows you to change barrels every 5 magazines, allowing you to maintain a relatively high rate of fire (you can leave it longer if using a slower rate of fire) for extended periods, each of the two barrels is heavier than a BAR barrel so it can maintain a higher rate of fire than a BAR even without considering that barrel change ability. The Bren CAN step down to the role of an automatic rifle, being used for walking fire etc, but it can just as easily step up to a tripod role with 100 round drums – try that with a BAR.

4. Multiple rocket launchers – In my opinion, they’re one of the things that don’t belong on table in this scale of game unless as an objective – their minimum engagement distance is simply too long. Each one would also need to be accompanied by a truck or two purely to supply up to 6 turns worth of reloads.