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L.T. Russell

Howdy!  New to the forums….

IDK if these topics have been addressed already, if so, I apologize.

Shotguns; Last I’ve seen in Bolt Action, shotguns have a range of 18 inches.  IMHO, in a system where pistols shoot 6 inches, submachineguns 12 inches, assault rifles 18 inches and rifles 24 inches, this is ludicrous.  Military shotguns tend to be short-barrelled riot guns using buckshot, not specialized deer guns with rifled slug barrels, rifle sights, using slugs.  I think 9 inches is practical/reasonable.  Perhaps allow hitting multiple targets and/or assigning an extra pin.  In the real world, buckshot from a riot gun is rarely effective much beyond 35 yards….

Fallschirmjaeger and FG42s; IMHO, in both Konflikt 47 and Bolt Action, considering an FG42 an assault rifle is short-changing/ripping off the fallschirmjaeger.  By definition, an assault rifle uses a reduced length rifle cartridge.  The FG42 fired a full length 7.92mm round, as well as having an integral bipod.  I think it should be classified as an automatic rifle….

Bren guns; How is a Bren an LMG?  It’s not belt-fed.  IMHO a Bren is an automatic rifle, basically a British BAR.  It doesn’t belong in the same category as an MG34 or 42 or even a Browning 1919.  With these guns you can hook multiple belts of ammunition together and put out a sustained rate of machinegun fire.  With a Bren you’re changing mags every what, 30 rounds….

Rocket launchers; IMHO ridiculously overpowered.  I don’t believe there’s any way your average Katyusha could fire more than once in a 6 turn game. How long would it take the 2 man crew to actually reload one of those things, 45 minutes?  An hour?  And it can somehow fire within 12 inches of itself?  That’s the same as the effective range of a submachinegun, maybe 100 yards, in real life….

Just a few things that bother me, thanks for your consideration….