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Eric T Holmes

Hello fellow gamers:

If using Bolt Action weapon ranges, the scale is roughly 1 inch = 20 yards. Use of additional, varied, and denser terrain features gets you into a line-of-sight “see it, shoot it” game and still allows for maneuvering.

With a figure-scaled game 25mm-28mm at 1” = 5 ft or  25mm = 1.5 m (approximately 1::60 scale), therefore the 4-foot by 6-foot playing surface is about 80 yards by 120 yards.  Compare this with the following … An American regulation football field is 360 feet long by 160 feet wide (120 yards long by 53⅓ yards wide) and a soccer pitch is 345 feet long by 222 feet wide (115 yards by 74 yards).