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Charge The Guns

Hi Mark,

Troops provide support based on their position relative to a combat.  The orders they have received that turn are irrelevant – you don’t need to be given an order to support to provide support.

I wonder if perhaps the the section and Charging Units and Support Units (p62) is causing some confusion?  I can see that the first sentence of this section could be worded better.

This section is trying to say that troops being moved up so they are in the right position to give support have to be given a different order to any troops in a group who are being ordered to charge.  You can’t give a single group order if one unit is to charge unless all of the units  actually charge.  You can’t use a group order to move one unit in to contact and to move other units forward.

In your example, B’s muskets will provide support to the pike at the end of every melee based on their position (eg within 3”).  Orders don’t matter.

Hope this helps?