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Hi Mark – great to hear that you are giving P&S a try 👍.

Great question and this can be a bit confusing because the answer is “yes”, ie you can play either way.   Some prefer to fight the pike and shot units separately as different units, and some prefer to fight as a single, combined unit.  In our group it varies depending on the size of game.  For very larger games, such as reconstructing Marston Moor, we have used combined units to speed up play.  For most games though, with perhaps no more than 5 or 6 pike and shot units a side, we fight them separately.

If you have just the main rule book then you could try using the unit factors under the Sun King scenario (back of the book) for combined units.  If you have the ‘To Kill A King’ supplement (and why wouldn’t you! 😀) then this has some further suggested alternative factors for combined units.

If you want to fight them as separate units then use the factors as per the main lists in either the main rule book or the supplements.

Hope this helps, and good luck with you exploration of the period.


Andy @ FoGH.