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Stuart Harrison

The same terrain can be played differently game to game, this is why you have to discuss terrain before the game with regard to effect on LOS and effect on movement.

“This area of trees is a thick forest, it’s dense terrain (LOS) and rough ground (movement)”
“This area of trees is an orchard. It’s soft cover, rough ground for vehicles and artillery, open for infantry”

“this creek is an obstacle for infantry, rough ground for tracked vehicles, impassable to artillery and wheeled vehicles, no LOS effect”
“The muddy part of this river is shallow water, the blue part is deep water. We’ll play it as per Marianas and Palau movement in water rules”

“This patch of rubble is just rough ground with hard cover”
“This patch of rubble is rough ground and dense terrain with hard cover”

Rules for dense terrain are on p52.