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Having our first game of BP/Clash of Eagles and so far we have been pleased with the playability, results and flavour. However, as might be expected, a couple of questions came up during our game. I hope the experienced players can lend their insight.

1) Proximity Rule: We have a situation where the Austrians have occupied a small village in advance of their main defensive position and capable of holding two battalions. The French have engaged the front of the village with artillery and infantry and on the right side (French perspective), have a unit risking enfilade fire from the buildings and bypassing the village to threaten an Austrian battery on a hill to the right rear of the village. That battalion is withing proximity range of the village. Can it change facing to face the village (the battery was destroyed by other means) in preparation of assault or does it have to withdraw beyond proximity first? Does a change of facing/formation count as a move?

2) Similarly, we are using the suggested rule that a unit which moves more than once cannot fire. Can a unit move once then change formation (assuming the dice will allow 2 moves) and still fire?

I think we are all enjoying the rules although we all think that getting 3 moves is too easy and may houserule to make it more difficult, at least for infantry.

Cheers and thanks in advance for any insight.