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Here`s this rule.
It`s in Albion Triumphant vol.2
Page 78

higher ranks
Some players have larger figure collections than the norm
and can deploy several divisions of their chosen nation and
even a Corps commander! To represent the influence that a
Corp commander can have on a battle we allow a number
of command die re-rolls.
Corps Commander (Staff rating 7) = 2 re-rolls, 25 points
Corps Commander (Staff rating 8) = 4 re-rolls, 50 points
Corps Commander (Staff rating 9) = 6 re-rolls, 75 points
Corps Commander (Staff rating 10) = 8 re-rolls, 100 points
Corps commanders can also be utilised by players in smaller
games. It could be that the Corps commander has decided
to exert his influence in a certain area of the battlefield.
Corps commanders do not give orders or rally troops, they
just offer sagely advise through their re-roll ability.