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invisible officer

It’s a bit chaotic on first glimpse but works.
If you look for your own posts you can use the devices hidden behind your Forum name shown right on top. Under Forums you find that.

I must confess that I think the new “Warlord only” policy is a step in wrong direction. For example Corso started that thread on Zama based on Hail Caesar. But could not post pics of his lovely elephants (And other forces) because they are not Warlord.
But Warlord has no republican western elephants, only a nice one for the Successor states. With typical design.
They sell no Punic wars stuff in the moment.
More …..I think I remember that warlord in the past sold stuff from the Company XYZ that do the Punic wars.

Well, I can live with the rule but it does not make me happy.