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Right then. Since Warlord decided to give us Hail Caesar, Pike & Shotte, and Black Powder as free PDFs, the next few months are set purchase-wise, and my wallet is crying in the corner. They must have been snooping outside our house last night when I told my wife “That’s it. I’m going to focus on these EIR and the Shieldwall Skirmish Starter Set for the summer and not buy anything else”. How wrong I was… (In retrospect, if those words hadn’t been uttered, then the three free rulebook PDFs probably wouldn’t be free right now. You’re all welcome for my service.) Anywho, here’s how it looks:

Hail Caesar
– Germanic Tribes or Dacian Army sets (not sure which to pick up first)
– Germania or Dacian Wars Supplement (probably the latter)

Pike & Shotte
– Landsknecht Starter Army
– Battalia Starter Set
– Battalia Expansion Set
– TYW Book Set

Black Powder
– Something dealing with Colonial Americans vs Native Americans

Pray for me, Saint George, for I go to battle with plastic and metal miniatures for the rest of time!