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Charles Sherrange

There is a bolt action tournament at Historicon in Lancaster, PA on Friday, July 13th.

9:00am – 7:00pm
28mm; 750pt lists; 4’ x 4’ tables; 2.5 hour rounds.
24 players max.
Check-in will be from 9-9:30am; first game at 10am. Preregister with GM to
reserve a spot, receive updates and allowances for unit specific information.
This was submitted before the Tank War book was released.
Tables will represent European and Eastern European theaters. Prizes will
be awarded for Best Allied, Axis and Minor Power generals, and Bad Day At
War. Expect a creative scoring system to break ties of win/loss records for
determining winners.
You may select a force of ONE reinforced INFANTRY platoon (no Theater
Selectors). No vehicles with an armor value 8+. This force may come from
the Core 2nd Edition Rule book or from one of the Armies of books. Missions
will be selected from the 2nd Edition core rule book. Expect tables of various
terrain density and type.
There will be NO special rules. 2
nd Edition Bolt Action Rules as written and
the new FAQ at the time of play. There will be no painting requirement. If
you are a new player, come out with what you have assembled and give the
game a try. If you need an army, GM should be able to supply one British or
German army.
Round 1: 10:00am, Round 2: 1:30pm, Round 3: 4:00pm.