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Unlike the Allied armed forces the german war establishment did not assign weapons to individuals but to platoons … all platoon small arms would be drawn from the same pool, the gun you drew you maintained but it was not yours it was the platoons.

A typical fallschirmjäger platoon post crete pre FG-42 pool of weapons was …

16 rifles (3 with telescope sights)
13 pistol
9 SMGs
3 Kampfpistole (grenade pistols)
6 rifle grenade adapters
6 machine guns

Luftwatten war establishment 8121 (L) date 1.5.44

Compared to a typical german army platoon of 33 men …

22 rifle
5 pistol
7 SMGs
4 machine guns

And I have herd the production numbers as a guide for % of AR in the field but not all units where equipped the same, more so in the fallschirmjager where the first few founding where true elete vs later founding under equipped and under trained .

On a further side note , just to nag about non historical composition , how many platoon where issued a single mortar or artillery piece … ever ?

It’s just a game, it’s not perfect, and nether are any of us.