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Huh, the armies of Germany clearly stated the germans based their recoilless on the erlyer America designs … maybe pre war projects ?

Germans did not handle weapons like the allies but had a pool to draw from, the officer would often assign weapons based on mission needs … in the above example the 4 units balance out to 1 LMG and 2 AR per squad , numbers you mentioned , but the young lieutenant in charge doubled up his LMGs in 2 units as well and grouped his assault rifles in 2 others … using his men like 2 large 14 man units he can still have the LMGs lay down cover fire as the rest of the ‘unit’ maneuvers on the enimy position, standard german unit tactics.

Units can’t split up in bolt action, 3 guys with LMG hold a strong fire position as the rest of the squad flanks … but 2 units can still operate in the same manner … so I can have units that look right but can’t use standard tactics or units that look a lil off but feel right maneuvering on the table.