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1000 points fallschirmjager, 12 order dice …

60 (Reg) new young 2nd lieutenant +Aid , both SMGs

38 (Vet) Medic + Aid

2×133 2×7 Fallschirmjager nco AR + 3 AR and 3 Panzerfaust

2×143 2×7 Fallschirmjager with 2 MMGs and a Panzerfaust

65 (Vet) Sniper team

104 (Vet) Panzerschrek team

50 (Reg) MMG team

70 (Reg) Lg40/1 Recoilless howitzer

40 (Reg) Motorcycle with MMG sidecar

21 (Inex) Kettenkrad

The motorcycle and kettenkrad would fit in fallschirmjäger air transports so where commonly used, as was the recoilless once the germans got a bazooka to look over … if the recoilless starts in a good spot the kettenkrad will move the panzerschrek into a good tank hunting position wail the motorcycle and MMG nest try to set up a crossfire to aid the two assaulty fallschirmjager advance … the shooty fallschirmjäger units will try to hold objectives and put up a wall of fire …