Angel Saquero


  • Hi!

    what´s your nick in FB? 🙂 🙂
    I´m not happy or unhappy with the answers on FB, but sometimes the subtleties of the language create confusion.
    I think rules are the way the author sees the subject, but I prefer ask rather than argument with my friends – gamers. Once established, the rules are ok for everybody.

  • Hi, guys!

    Angel here, with some more weekly questions (copypasted from FB group):

    It seems that skirmishers can chose to stand when charged in the open by heavies. It´s little odd, because you can, for example, stand in front of a charging wildfighters warband and obligue them to use the 1st round 3 rerolls in combat against an expendable…[Read more]

  • Hello, guys!

    We need your advice!

    Some of you have a different system to know who won the game for pick up battles?

    We find too long for an evening the way the rulebook says: more than half of units in a division, excluding LC and skirmishers, and more than half division broken!

    And the shaken units don´t count, only broken or destroyed…[Read more]