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Community Ghar Colour Schemes

Following last week’s article on the Community’s Concord Colour Schemes, this week we’re keen to show-off their plastic adversaries from the ‘Strike Vector One: The Xilos Horizon‘ starter set – The Ghar Empire!

Ghar Banner

The Ghar – Created in ages past as soldiers in some ancient war, the details of which are long forgotten even by the Ghar themselves. Their distant ancestors were undoubtedly human but they have mutated into twisted, spiteful and pitiless creatures driven by an unquenchable hatred of all humankind.

Ghar were created to fight in their formidable battle armour, enclosed within its metal shell and connected to its mechanical systems by neural plugs in their spines. The Ghar creature itself is small and feeble, compensating for this by being quick and nimble – partly a result of its diminutive size.

In Beyond the Gates of Antares, there are no ‘set’ or even ‘standard’ paint schemes – the universe is incredibly vast and varied – so the Ghar themselves might have a wide variety of skin tones depending upon their location and circumstance. Likewise, their armoured suits can vary hugely in appearance – some might be brand new and untested in battle… others might have seen many years of fighting and be riddled with battle damage and adorned with the trophies of war… some might be utilitarian, bare materials that have never seen paint, whereas others might be painted – either in bright vibrant colours, or perhaps patterned with camouflage to suit their environment…

The possibilities are near-endless – so we’ve drawn-together just some of our favourite paint schemes that have cropped-up among the community so far… from both the official Antares Facebook Group – and the Warlord Forum.


Quindia Studios

Forumite ‘ipaintedmine’

ipaintedmine ghar

Forumite ‘hel’

hel ghar

hel2 ghar


Forumite ‘Swripley’

Swripley ghar


Nick Simmerson

Simmerson ghar

Peter Harrison – of TalkWargaming fame!

Peter also very kindly created a video Painting Guide – showing you how to replicate the Warlord studio Ghar paint scheme using the Army Painter system!

Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas Ghar

Nathan Wallis Tucker

Nathan-Wallis-Tucker Ghar

Michael Manuel

Michael Manuel Ghar

Matt Houghton

matt houghton Ghar

Joseph Greek

Felix ‘Meffi’ Poortman

Felix-Meffi-Poortman Ghar

Warlord’s own Darren Evans

darren evans Ghar

Chris Carr

Chris-Carr Ghar

Ben Pik

Ben-Pik Ghar

Anthony Woods

Anthony-Woods Ghar


Andy Phippen

Andy Phippen Ghar

Alistair Hocker

Alistair-Hocker Ghar

Aaron Gullick

Aaron-Gullick Ghar

Andy Singleton

Scott Kunian

Scott-Kunian Ghar

Rob Burman


Richard Whitmore

Richard-Whitmore Ghar

Richard Shirley

Richard-Shirley Ghar


Phillip Webster

Phillip-Webster Ghar



Fritz Ghar

Graeme Rigg


If you’re new to Beyond the Gates of Antares, and are looking to get started collecting a Ghar force – there’s no better place to start than with the Rulebook and the Ghar Empire Starter Army – which – at just £50, contains everything you need to get started!

– 2x Plastic Battle Squad (3 walkers each) – (368 points)
– Plastic Assault Squad (3 walkers) – (184 points)
– Metal Ghar Outcast Squad (6) with Disruptor Cannon – (67 points)
– Metal Ghar Flitter shard (4) – (20 points)
This can comfortably be built into a 750 point Skirmish Force by adding in Army Options ( from page 159 of the Rulebook) and upgrading with squad options from the Ghar Army List (Page 168-171).


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And of course – if the Ghar don’t tempt you into their ranks, why not check out some of our other recently launched Army Deals for Beyond the Gates of Antares – all of which have been designed as the ideal starting point for new players


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