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New: C3 Support Team with X-Howitzer

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The X-howitzer is a very large magnetic launcher built for lobbing shells over great distances. It is a common battlefield heavy artillery support weapon used by practically all forces. It is often built onto the back of heavy combat drone or skimmer and used as a long range support weapon.


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C3 Support team with X-Howitzer

The Concord Combined Command is equipped with the most sophisticated of weapons including deadly fighting machines such as large combat drones and heavy siege drones. Despite this the Concord’s elite Strike Troops know that there are few heavy weapons as practical and effective as the C3 unibore artillery type magnetic launcher, the Concord’s version of the practically universal X-howitzer.


X-howitzers are vast magnetic artillery pieces that shoot explosive bombs or various kinds of special munitions over a great range. The most commonly employed ammunition is an explosive blast, effective against all kinds of targets from enemy troops to buildings. They are the largest kinds of launchers and sturdily constructed to withstand the high velocities generated by their multiple magnetic rails. X-howitzers are often crew served weapons and are usually accompanied by buddy drones such as the tiny spotter drone capable of guiding a missile towards its target.


The X-Howitzer has been exclusively available to pre-order as part of the Concord Support Force – and is now available separately for all Concord forces!

Contains the following metal models:
•     1 Concord X-Howitzer team including three crew and ammunition pod
•     1 Concord Spotter Drone

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Take a closer look at the X-Howitzer in the video here