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New: Boromite Support + Specialists Team

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The Boromites have sought to upgrade their field weaponry to give their troops a much better fighting chance.

Boromite Support Team with Frag Borer

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The frag borer is a fractal‐type weapon exclusively used by Boromite miners and is adapted from rock cutting machinery.

The Frag Borer

The frag borer is a fractal machine that utilises molecular resonance to break apart solid material. It is similar in construction and function to a fractal cannon, but is calibrated to work at closer ranges – primarily to tunnel through and break apart rock. In the hand of Boromites it is equally effective at breaking apart their enemies.

The Crew

Manned by durable crewmen, these Boromites are able to take a much heavier beating than compared to other crewmen. However, just because they’re naturally tough doesn’t mean they are invincible, ensure that if they are under threat of an enemy that they have nearby support.

All fractal machines can be recognised by the array of fractal lenses through which the resonant beams are focused and the target locked into place. Frag borers are useful weapons against static targets including fixed defences as well as buildings and other large constructions.

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Boromite Specialist Support Team with Plasma Light Support

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The plasma light support gun – often abbreviated to Plasma LS – is the ultimate in rapid firing infantry support weapons and the mainstay of Concord and Isorian weapon drone units.

The plasma light support gun is easily recognised by its hefty plasma coil and substantial size as well as the characteristic double vane barrel that houses the necessary magnetic containment generators.

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Boromite specialist support team with plasma cannon

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The plasma cannon is the hardest hitting light support weapon available to any force in Antarean space and frequently used to arm ‘Hunter’ type weapon drones.

The plasma cannon is the ultimate light support weapon. It is calibrated to deliver a single very strong pulse, for which an especially long plasma coil is required. All plasma weapons have a defect inherent in plasma coils in that they gradually weaken over time. This problem is normally overcome by the weapon’s own self‐repair facility. In the case of the plasma cannon the weapon is so powerful that its battlefield performance can sometimes be affected, causing temporary plasma fade.

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For the Matriarch!

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