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Black Seas: Basics of Gameplay

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Avast! Set your sights on these Basics of Gameplay tutorial videos. With these in your arsenal, you’ll be sailing the high seas and doing battle in no time.

Black Seas: Basics of Gameplay

In this series of tutorial videos, we aim to give you a rudimentary understanding of the game, as well as showcasing the key rules and mechanics that keep our battleships afloat.

Tutorial One

In this first video we run through the basic rules for movement, covering phases 1, 2 and 3 of the turn sequence. These are:

  • Roll for Wind Direction.
  • Determine the Weather Gage Order.
  • Activate a Ship as determined by the Weather Gage Order.


Tutorial Two

In the second of our videos, we cover the basics of attacking, whether attacking at range or with a boarding action. This encompasses phases 4-6 of the turn sequence:

  • Resolve Shooting.
  • Resolve Boarding Actions.
  • Mark the Activated Ship.



Look out for more videos soon!


Black Seas: The Rules

The Black Seas rulebook contains a complete and comprehensive guide to sailing on the high seas. Not only does it contain the full rules, but it’s also replete with background and history detailing the carronade era of the Age of Sail. The rulebook is now available as a highly convenient digital download, perfect for the Admiral on the go!

Black Seas Web PDF


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